This is a truly beautiful product that delivers for me on a number of levels. I know and appreciate the care, the time and attention that its passionate creator has lavished on it. An all-organic fragrance is also dear to my heart as I am a long-time advocate for toxicity-free personal care products. But probably most important, the blend of fragrances really does evoke the magnificent, magical Hawaiian Islands. Congratulations OneSelf Hawaiian Flower Lei is a winner!  Jan Roberts B.Pharm (Hons) Dip Clinical Nutrition Sydney University Pharmacy Alumni Award for Achievement (2011)

The OneSelf Hawaiian Flower Lei embodies an alluring floral scent which lingers, reminiscent of the blossoming springtime. This superbly blended creation will not disappoint.  Lisa - Sydney Australia

The Hawaiian Flower Lei Perfume is very feminine and has a fresh, sophisticated tropical floral scent that captures and reminds me of aloha spirit. Alice - The Big Island Hawaii

I have always had skin reactions and suffered from migraines wearing perfumes. I tried the Hawaiian Flower Lei perfume and for the first time in over 36 years I didn't have any allergic reaction nor a migraine. Thank you OneSelf for creating such a pure, perfume which I can now use. Katherine - Los Angeles California

I have never come across a perfume that evokes the pure beauty of a Hawaiian Flower Lei... until now! Thank you OneSelf your perfume is divine. Camilla - Florida

Oneself is one of the loveliest perfumes I have ever worn. It is an elegant, soft fragrance which becomes a part of your skin when you wear it. It is delicate and incredibly feminine. Being someone who takes well being and taking care of the world around me very seriously, to know that it is ethically produced and doing something good for my skin with its pure, natural ingredients makes me even happier to wear it. Jessica Marshall Professional Make Up Artist Sydney Australia

There is simply no other perfume like it. Totally arresting! Jeni - New Zealand

I don't like synthetic perfume or hippie oils. Oneself is luxuriously organic. Samantha - New York USA

OneSelf Organic Hawaiian Flower Lei Perfume, is exactly as its name says. Upon arriving in the lovely tropical Islands of Hawaii, we are greater with a Hawaiian Flower Lei. This perfume captures that experience, and memories. This handmade unique perfume made from organic products, fills a room with its scent. Many heads will turn and many people will ask What perfume are you wearing? Danielle - Cairns Australia

I am delighted with your perfume! I bought it blind, simply because I love these flowers, its all natural and I heard it is a beauty. It truly captures the exotic flowers I love so well, pleased to find it includes Frangipani. I love this and do not want to ever be without it! It feels special too, the whole packaging and personal note just make it a truly lovely buying experience! I am also pleased with the fast shipping too. Rosemary - Victoria Australia

Your beautiful fragrance arrived in my post today and I have been both transfixed and beguiled by your aromatic creation ever since I arrived home from work! After more thorough organoleptic observations are concluded. Though you have not invited my review, might I be so bold as to describe my initial impressions... a truly natural product with a very nuanced and sophisticated natural floral composition… a dead ringer for what you were after = Hawaiian Lei! Congratulations on a beautiful product, captivating website, wonderful packaging, and the truth of every word spoken of your Hawaiian Flower Lei! If I may offer you a piece of advice… website is perfect, product is better than website = glorious! Please stay true to what you are doing - especially if the temptations of growth at the expense of values may visit you (being offered a product line with a large upscale retailer but you are forced to use synthetic materials instead to save on cost). Stay your ground and keep doing exactly what you’re doing! I rarely have the time and opportunity to do this, so please know that it was very important for me to seek your product out (fabulous reviews), purchase a sample, experience it for myself, and pass along my observations to you others.I am so glad I did and, like I said, I will be back for more soon! Dr. Alexander J. Groppe, D. Min, MA Th. - Florida USA
I've already fallen in love with your perfume and the set on your site was irresistible to me. I've been a collector of perfumes for years and have recently been making the switch to all-natural scents, and yours in one of my favourite perfumes ever! Thanks so much for your commitment to organics and for giving us such an intoxicating choice. Rita - Massachusetts USA